We welcome you here in Namaste to enjoy mouth watering Indian cuisine, consisting of Cold Salads, Charcoal broiled famous Indian Chicken called Tandoori Chicken.

Enjoy some orignal world famous cocktails prepared to Five Star Standards, wide selection of world famous Wine, Liquors, Scotch, Cognac or an Indian Whisky along with some more variety of Snacks and Appetizers while you give time for your special Curries to be prepared and Indian bread "NAN" baked in the Clay-Oven imported from India, Curries very carefully chosen and perfectly spiced with spices specially blended by our Chef Khushwinder Singh.

Spices are like medicine which are natural power in your body day after day, you will forget having medicines after you have our food well balanced with our spice magic and then to top it up with mouth watering Indian home-made Ice-creams/desserts and an Hundred Miles Tea which you can have only in Namaste.